Be a smooth operator with Ethan Mason

Ethan Mason has a fantastic range of natural stone and porcelain paving for you to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice. 

Our gardens need some TLC every now and again. So, if yours is looking a little worse for wear, then why not invest in a new natural stone patio?  It is a beautiful product and deserves to be displayed with pride. Our smooth/sawn natural stone range is a must have!

You might have never thought about a natural stone patio before. Natural stone is a natural product, with his own unique colour blend and veining. Unlike manufactured paving products, no two natural stone paving slabs are the same. 

Our smooth range of paving is sawn, creating a smooth, like silky surface. Once it is installed, you might even want to sleep on it!

All our paving is calibrated meaning that it is easier to install with his flat under surface. Our natural stone is ethically sourced from Kota, India and is quality tested. The most difficult part is, which amazing blend will you choose?

EM Silver

Our EM Silver is one of the most popular smooth natural stone paving we have in our range. Its unique silvery blend looks great in a modern style garden space. Team this style patio with rattan furniture and your patio area will be a sophisticated haven for you to entertain on.

EM Rainbow

EM Rainbow is a striking blend of warm hues, creating a veining that is a ‘rainbow’ type pattern on every paving slab. If your garden needs a touch of colour and class, then Rainbow is the one you need. When dry this paving is a mix of light but colourful hues, but when wet these colours deepen to really stand out from the crowd. 

EM Vanilla

A timeless blend that will never go out of fashion. This cool, cream, nearly white paving will lighten up your garden in all the right ways. When dry and the sunlight hits the surface of the paving it sparkles, creating a stunning sea of calm to enjoy. 

EM Ivory

Another popular choice amongst our smooth range is the EM Ivory. This paving is essentially warming beige in colour but with deep pink undertones running through it, when wet these undertones create much more of a warming feel in your garden. 

EM Dune

Imagine yourself laying on a sandy beach in the middle of nowhere…… that is how you will feel sitting on an EM Dune natural sandstone patio. A golden blanket of cream, beige and yellow paving with a unique purple veining that may appear on some slabs. When wet the deep yellow hues are greatly enhanced making your garden glow.

EM Sagar Cloudy

An alluring dark grey blend of sandstone paving slabs with a distinctive beige pattern running through them. A quirky and modern twist that will really catch the eye. 

If you are still not sure which paving you would prefer in your outdoor space, then do take a look at our Virtual Paver tool on our website to help you decide.

Stand out from the crowd with Ethan Mason. 

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