How to fall in love with your garden again

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s is about love, but is the relationship with your garden a good one?!

It seems like we get our gardens just how we want them, and then the cold weather comes and ruins of all our good work! So for Spring/Summer 2023 we have to start all over again. 

With a new season approaching, you will probably start to see more wildlife as they become more active after the long winter. Flowers from bulbs will start appearing. The mornings and evening are starting to get lighter and birds are singing, so there is definitely Spring in the air! So what can you do in your garden this month to start the transition from hating your garden to loving it again?

1) Grass will start to grow at temperatures above 5c so prepare to start cutting the lawn again. If you are thinking of replacing any lawn that may have become damaged in the frost or wet weather than do that this month, but ensure that the grown is not frosty.

2) De-weed plant beds and sweep/rack up any leaves that are still lying around. Remember to start a compost as this is great at becoming sustainable. 

3) Algae would have built up during the old, damp weather, so its the perfect time to get cleaning and patios or paths. Always use a patio cleaner when cleaning natural stone paving and porcelain. Never just use a jet wash at it will damage the paving and/or jointing between the paving slabs. 

4) Repair any fences or wooden structures that may have been damaged by the wet and windy weather. You don’t always have to replace broken fencing, you can purchase fence repair kits that we do just as well with small damaged areas. 

5) This month is a great month to think about re-designing your garden space. With plants not yet emerged, you can spend this time seeing the skeleton of your garden, which will allow you really think about the space you have to play with. How about a new natural stone patio? Installers tend to be ‘quieter’ in the early Spring months, so this will give you a great opportunity to get someone on board to make any changes you want. Take a look at our Stone Champion’s – we offer a list of Ethan Mason’s approved installers.

You’ll fall in love with Ethan Mason paving.

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