Why choose natural stone for your garden?

If you are considering a natural stone patio, let Ethan Mason’s top tips help you to decide.

Ethan Mason is passionate about beautiful, natural stone, we love that it is unique in every way.

So if you want a show stopping garden that stands out from the crowd, then choose natural stone paving.  

If you are considering an Ethan Mason natural stone patio for your outdoor space, then we recommend that you remember the following: 

1) Patio use

Will the patio area have lots of ‘traffic’ will it be well-used by pets and children, for example. In which case, you may want to consider a darker natural stone, which will not show dirt as quickly. 

2) Wet and dry paving

Consider the colour of the paving slabs when they are both wet and dry. Certain aspects of the paving, like the undertones, pattern and veining will be beautifully enhanced when the paving is wet. 

3) Natural imperfections

This beautiful stone is naturally formed. It consists of many different layers of natural deposits. These have been compacted together over thousands of years.

Remember no two paving slabs are the same, texture and veining will differ from paving slab, to paving slab. Be prepared for some natural imperfections.

4) Calibration

Ethan Mason natural stone is calibrated – however there will be some tolerances because it is a natural product. Water will collect unevenly on the pavings surface, but will dry out as it absorbs through the stone. We always recommend that a patio is installed with a slight fall, which will allow the water to run off naturally.

5) Colour, size and finish

Always check the colour, veining, size and finish of the stone before you buy. A smooth stone is more consistent in colour, but riven patio packs contain a blend of coloured paving. 

6) Colour blend

Always check the colour blend of the paving before it is fixed. Dry lay your patio before installation so you can check the colour blend. This is extremely important if you are using two or more packs of paving. 

7) Porous

Natural stone is porous – meaning that liquids will soak in easily. When entertaining, be careful with spillages as this could stain the paving. Regular cleaning will help to keep your patio in tip top condition. 

8) Aftercare

It is important that you regularly clean your natural stone, this will stop the paving from becoming slippery from algae and dirt, especially during the cold, damp and wetter months.

Do not use any harmful chemicals, like acid on the paving. 

9) Strong

Natural stone is strong and hardwearing, so it will stand the test of time. 

10) Installation

In our FAQ section of our website you will find a simple guide to installing a natural stone patio, so make sure you take a look at this before work starts.  

Ethan Mason natural stone paving – the beauty of nature

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