This service is to complement our existing home owner design and visualiser tools available on our website including our sample service.
Follow the easy steps below and you will receive a computer generated image of your garden, which will have our paving virtually imported into your own garden setting.
You will receive this back within 7-10 days.
If you have chosen two paving options, you will receive one computer generated image of each colour.
Further products can be chosen at a small cost. Contact us for more details.

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How it Works?

Step One:

Our Design4Me service is a free online tool, which will allow you to see the Ethan Mason paving of your choice within your own back garden. By simply sending us an image of your garden, you will receive back a digitally enhanced photo within 7-10 days. You can choose up to 2 paving options. (You will receive a digital photo for both.) Please follow our easy step by step guide below and you will be looking at your dream Ethan Mason in next to no time!
1) Take a photo using a camera or your camera on your phone, of the area of your garden where you want your new patio to be. (For example an image of a existing patio where your new one will be, or a area go grass where you plan on placing a patio.)
2) Make sure the photo is taken in the daylight with minimal shadows.
3) Make sure the photo is taken landscape format/perspective (front view or at a slight angle will be ok)
4) Try and remove any existing items such as planters, pots or furniture from the area before you take the image.
5) The file should be no more than 200mb, and should be either PNG, JPEG or JPG.
6) The file name should not contain spaces.
7) Please do not send in planned drawing of your patio or measurements of your patio - our service is not to scale and is only for virtual look purposes only, so that the paving can be seen in your garden setting.

Before Example

After Example

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Step Five:

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